Tuesday, May 3, 2011

August 5, 1950: Battle of Naktong Bulge

Today, the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, arrives at Pusan. Pusan is located on the southeastern coast of South Korea. A battle is about to take place along the Natong River which is the shape of a “U” and forms the Natong Bulge. The 3rd Battalion, 34th infantry, 24th division is located in this area waiting to defend around a 15,000 yard sector (Evanhoe). This 15,000 yard sector that the 3rd Battalion must defend is much larger than anything that they have trained for. Most sectors they defend are around 10,000 yards or less. General MacArthur was worried that the 3rd Battalion could not single-handedly defend the 15,000 yard sector. MacArthur asked me if I believed bringing in three more infantry companies would be sufficient to defend the area. I was ecstatic that MacArthur asked for his assistant’s opinion in such a pivotal battle. I told MacArthur not to fret but to not bring in the three companies. MacArthur, a strong arrogant man, did not follow my opinion. Instead, MacArthur created a triangle shaped strategy and had three companies overlooking the lower valley. There was a company overlooking from the southern corner of the bulge, a company overlooking from the northern corner, and the last company over looking from the western corner. With strong reinforcements posted at higher ground, MacArthur was confident with his strategy.

Above Image: One of the three companies of the 3rd Battalion waits for commands from an elevated position. http://m1.ikiwq.com/img/xl/fFXpQrGkZnTTjL83PPyqUc.jpg

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